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About our Church

Our Vision

To be a redeemed family of servants on a mission to raise the next generation of Christ-like disciple-makers who serve their world with the gospel for the glory of God

Our Mission

A church-planting Church that exists to make whole-life disciple-makers of Jesus Christ

Meet our community

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Five Key Pillars that shape our ministries:

Our ministries are designed to help us build a unique culture rooted in Our Values.  These ministries are designed based on Acts 2:42-47: Worship, Community, Learning, Mission, Justice, Prayer and Generosity.



A church that faithfully teaches/preaches the gospel and seeks to draw out its implications and applications for all of life.



A church that seeks, by the grace of God, to offer all that we do in and outside the church community as our humble sacrifice to God 

Towards this goal, we plan to develop a “Gospel in Life” ministry that equips professionals/students to live a gospel-centered life in their vocation and as student, for God’s glory. 



A church that does not exist for itself but to glorify God by reaching out to and calling people to worship God by faith in Jesus Christ through the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


Gospel Community: 

A community that displays a people among whom God dwells and rules by his Spirit through the written word. 


Every-member ministry:

A church family in which all members are equipped and supported to do the work of ministry by serving each other and their communities.