From Acts 13, Rev. Mensah Ameyaw walks us through Paul’s first sermon after his conversion. Paul points to Jewish history, contrasting the slavery of Israelites in Egypt with our sinful condition. He will go on to present Jesus as the Redeemer-King, unjustly crucified by the very people He came to save, but whom God raised from the dead.

The reality of Jesus’ resurrection invokes a response from us. We would either scoff and say, “Who cares?”, or deem His sacrifice for our sins as insufficient, looking to ourselves and our effort to be put right with God. Neither of these is acceptable to God.
Rev. Ameyaw admonishes, just like Paul does in His first sermon, to rather grow in trusting in Christ alone for our justification before God. His resurrection must remain our only guarantee of being accepted by God in the face of sin, guilt and shame.

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