Sometimes the Gospel can feel too simple. “Am I really saved only by believing in Jesus and His work on my behalf? Don’t I have to do anything to deserve being saved?”

In today’s sermon, we wrestle through the matter of salvation by faith alone. Rev. Sam Boateng walks us through the experience of the first century church in dealing with the matter of salvation by obedience to the law through circumcision.

For the Jews, if salvation was a prize, obeying the law through circumcision was the way to earn it. Jewish believers were beginning to require that every Gentile believer obey the Law, as given to the Jews, to ‘complete’/earn their salvation.

Rev. Boateng would apply the Gospel response to this situation to our walk with the Lord today, and its implications for our self-imposed pressure to perform to impress the Lord, how we project this pressure on other believers, and the despair we feel for our own failures.

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