This Sunday, Matt Reagan (a visiting brother from Campus Outreach in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, USA) hopped onto the Acts train and shared God’s Word with us from Chapter 17.
Here, Paul is in Athens. His interaction with the people, their religion and culture, and how he applies the Gospel to them is beautiful! From this, Matt exhorts us to, in our interactions with people in the city:
  1. Watch for the idols in the city
  2. Confront these idols in the lives of city people we preach to, even in the face of mockery or opposition.
But first things first: we cannot engage freely and joyfully and graciously if we ourselves do not take time to be awed at God – His majesty and glory all expressed through Christ’s death on our behalf. When our joy in Him is full, then our message to the ‘outsiders’ will be, “Come, taste and see that the Lord is good”.

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