Sin and Jesus The God-Man

Sin. We do it. We feel it inside us. We see it play out in others. Our world is wrecked by it. The Bible tells us sin is breaking of God’s Law; actions deserving of God’s judgement and punishment. But sin is also the state of our hearts, and our very nature. In this part […]

Oneness With Christ Changes Everything (John 6:54-58)

What happened to me when Jesus died? What does the Bible mean when it says I died with Christ? Or that I have been made alive with Him? This Sunday, we listened to God’s Word telling us we have been made ONE with Christ. “In Him”, so it is described. Listen, as Rev Sam Boateng […]

Speaking God To Your Soul in Stressful Times (Psalm 42)

On our Family and Friends Sunday, we touched base with the Psalmist, walking through his 42nd Psalm. In it, we had the opportunity to experience the writer’s feelings of aloneness and grim in the midst of life’s struggles. Have we not also felt forsaken even when the Lord was near, or drowned ourselves in voices […]

Acts 27:13-32 – The Storms of Life: The Gospel For All In Our City

Some seasons of our lives feel like a storm — overwhelming, tough, and out of our control. Why do we have such stormy times? Should we expect more of them in our lives or spend time praying that they are averted? As we edge towards the end of our journey through the book of Acts, […]

Acts 26:15-27 – The Gospel To All: Insiders and Outsiders

What would be your defence if you were placed on trial for believing in Jesus Christ, and death was a possible penalty? From Acts 26:15-27, Rev Sam Boateng spoke on Paul’s trial before King Agrippa. Paul has been weaving his defence around the Gospel, even on this knife-edge. And now, using his own encounter with […]

Acts 26:2-23 – The Gospel To All: Insiders and Outsiders

From Acts 26:2-23, our brother Tim Swain speaks on Paul’s trial before King Agrippa. His personal encounter with Christ on the road to Damascus has been the backbone of much of his ministry, and is forming the basis of what he will say in his defence now. Tim will continue to share his own testimony […]

Acts 17:16-34 – The Gospel To All: Insiders and Outsiders

This Sunday, Matt Reagan (a visiting brother from Campus Outreach in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, USA) hopped onto the Acts train and shared God’s Word with us from Chapter 17. Here, Paul is in Athens. His interaction with the people, their religion and culture, and how he applies the Gospel to them is beautiful! From […]

Acts 16:1-34 – The Gospel To All: Insiders and Outsiders

Our walk through the book of Acts has landed us in Chapter 16. Paul, together with Timothy, is in Macedonia after being prevented by the Holy Spirit from preaching the Gospel in Asia. There, in the city of Philippi, they engage with three people: Lydia, a worshipper of God, a demon-possessed slave girl, and the […]

The Gospel For All

Sometimes the Gospel can feel too simple. “Am I really saved only by believing in Jesus and His work on my behalf? Don’t I have to do anything to deserve being saved?” In today’s sermon, we wrestle through the matter of salvation by faith alone. Rev. Sam Boateng walks us through the experience of the […]

Who Gets The Glory?

What do we do when our hearts want to take credits for what God does? What are our motivations for the things we want to achieve in life and even in our walk with the Lord? Is our chief ambition to see God take all the glory there is or to prove something of ourselves? […]

The Gospel According to Paul

From Acts 13, Rev. Mensah Ameyaw walks us through Paul’s first sermon after his conversion. Paul points to Jewish history, contrasting the slavery of Israelites in Egypt with our sinful condition. He will go on to present Jesus as the Redeemer-King, unjustly crucified by the very people He came to save, but whom God raised […]

The Church At Antioch

Our journey through the book of Acts brings us to Antioch. The Gospel is getting to the Gentiles! Persecution-scattered Jewish disciples took the Gospel with them as they fled, preaching to non-Jews in the corrupt, vile and hostile city of Antioch. And many believed and turned to the Lord. The hand of the Lord worked […]

Acceptance By God

What would make God accept me? What should I say or do to make Him come to me? Am I even worthy of His acceptance? In ACCEPTANCE BY GOD, Rev Mensah Ameyaw explores the narrative of how the conversion of Cornelius and his household can ‘convert’ our thinking of how God accepts a person. It […]

The Gospel To All People

Our journey through the book of Acts continues! Something remarkable happens in chapter 9 : the Lord makes a witness out of a ‘fire-breathing’ persecutor of His church – Paul. God’s foe becomes His friend! Rev. Sam Boateng helps us conclude that no one is beyond the salvation and transforming power of the Lord, and […]

Acts 8:26-40 – The Gospel To All: Insiders and Outsiders

In today’s sermon, we traced the journey of a ‘scattered witness’, Philip, and his interaction with an African. Rev. Boateng spoke on how it was the Lord’s Spirit orchestrating and leading the move, enabling relationships and sparking gospel conversations. We, the church of today, must follow The Spirit’s lead as we plan and strategise on […]

Authentic or Fake? — The Gospel To All: Insiders and Outsiders

Is my faith genuine? Is Jesus what I really want? From Acts 8:1-25, we see the faith of Simon, a sorcerer turned believer. Rev Ameyaw helps us appreciate what seems to be a change in outward living, but not a change of heart, while drawing applications for our lives today.

The Gospel To All: Insiders and Outsiders

Our journey through the book of Acts is taking a new turn. This week, we began the series, “The Gospel to All: Insiders and Outsiders”. In this first episode, Rev. Boateng sheds light on how the disciples will be witnesses of the Lord, “…even to the ends of the earth”. Persecution will become a tool […]

The Comfort of the Cross

On Resurrection Sunday, reflecting on what the resurrection of our Lord Jesus means for us, Rev. Boateng exhorts: Jesus’ love for us, displayed in His death and resurrection, has becoming a compelling force of life. We are raised with Him to a new kind of life! Main text: 2 Corinthians 5:14-17

The Lord of Justice Comes

God has and will exact justice in the world He created. In “The Lord of Justice Comes”, Rev. Boateng reminds us of how God exacted justice against the sin of this world on the cross. Jesus bore the penalties of sin. He also encourages us to look forward to the Lord’s final Day with hope, […]